Reviews on Google Maps
1. In the "Review Type" drop-down box, select 1 review, 10 reviews, or a review with the client's text. Click on "Checkout" button.
2. Go to the shopping cart, which is in the upper right corner.
3. Fill in the order information:
  • Specify the number of Google Maps reviews you want
  • Enter the name of your project or a link to your site;
  • enter your email;
  • write your phone number;
  • in the "Comment" field specify the url, where to place the feedback or other details of the order;
  • Specify payment method: by card online/.
4. Click on the "Order" button.
Once we receive information about paying for reviews on Google Maps from the engine, the robot will automatically launch your project: create a record in the database, enter all data from the order, create a report file with the rights to open Google Sheets and a Google Docs file for future reviews texts. The robot will send you all the information in an email, no delays.

Buy reviews on Google maps and increase your company's sales and visibility!
1. Full immersion in the service/product/business and reviews that inspire trust!
2. All text reviews are coordinated with you before posting.
3. it's safe - reviews are written and posted by real users, no bots.
4. Ad reviews on are backed by a guarantee. If the review does not pass moderation, we will rewrite it and post it again. If the site does not want to accept it, we will offer to refund the money or move the posting to another site. You will not lose money in any case.

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